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12V Mini UPS for WiFi Router and CCTV Camera – 12V 1A 2200mah

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Product details

This 12V mini UPS in a small form factor can be used to provide power back to wifi routers, CCTV cameras, Attendance machines and other electronic devices that operate on 12V. 

Important: This UPS provides a regulated 12V output with a maximum current of only 1A. It cannot provide more than 1A continuous output. You can check out 12V 1800mah mini UPS for high current routers 


  1. High-Speed switching to Keep your wi-fi router always on
  2. High-Quality Li-ion Cells with 2200mah Capacity
  3. Regulated constant 12V Output 
  4. In-built Smart PCB to protect your Wi-Fi router from Voltage variations  
  5. Indicator LED to show UPS status 
  6. Compact and Low Cost

Easy two Step Installation:

1. Connect the wifi adapter to the mini UPS

2. Connect the output wire of the mini UPS into the Wi-Fi router or any other device 

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