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2 Channel RF Wireless ON/OFF Smart Switch with RF Remote Control

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  1. Input: AC 220V-240V 50Hz/60Hz
  2. Launch battery: 12V 23A
  3. Incandescence lamp: ≤1000W
  4. Energy-saving lamp: ≤200W
  5. Number of energy-saving lamps: ≤6
  6. Compact fluoresce twin-tube: ≤280W
  7. Remote control distance: 10M-50M

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Product details

Control your 2 AC application up to 1000W operating power for each device with this RF smart switch. This is 2 channel smart relay switch to ON and OFF 220V @50Hz AC applications. It is very easy to install at your existing switchboard to make it wireless with remote control in your hand. RF Remote operates on 433MHz RF frequency with up to 30meter of Range. This Relay system can be used for the applications like incandescent Light, FAN, TV sets, or any other applications under 1000W operating power.

The Remote control you get with this smart switch comes with 3 buttons, out of it 2 buttons are given to control 2 devices individually and 1 button is to ON/OFF  all devices in one stroke.

Note: The battery is not included with the remote you have to purchase it separately.

Wiring Guide:

  1. Yellow Wire: Application-2 Phase
  2. White  Wire: Application-3 Phase
  3. Black Wire1: Application 1+2 Neutral (common Neutral)
  4. Black Wire2: AC Input Neutral
  5. Red Wire:  AC Input Phase


  1. Quick and easy installation,
  2. The range is not obstructed by walls,
  3. Capable of connecting any loads under 1000 Watts operating Power.
  4. Remote controller and switch can be used simultaneously for ease and flexibility
  5. Every set of remote-controlled switches has its special code. More sets can be used in one room without interference
  6. Can be used in house stairs, aisle, corridor, bathroom, warehouse, garage, factory, workshop


Package Includes:

1 x 2 Channel RF Wireless ON/OFF Smart Switch with RF Remote Control

Additional information

Input Voltage (V AC)

220 ~ 240

Rated Power (W)


Launch Battery

12V 23A

Incandescence Lamp


Energy-saving Lamp


Number of Energy-saving Lamps


Compact Fluoresce Twin-Tube


Number of Twin-Tube


Remote control distance


Splitter size


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