WATTNINE® 14.4V 1200mAh Rechargeable 4S Lithium Battery Pack with Protection (includes BMS & DC pin)

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This is a 4S Lithium Battery Pack built using 1200mAh 18650 cells. All the cells are connected in series and thus provide a nominal output voltage of 14.4 V volts. The battery pack consists of an in-built BMS which ensures safe operation of the cells during charging and discharging. 

  Datasheet / Specification


  • Charging Voltage- 16.8V
  • Charging Current- 600mA
  • Nominal Pack Voltage- 14.4V
  • Discharge Current- Tested for 500mA, 1A.
  • Max. Discharge current – 1.2A

Protection (Included BMS)

  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Overvoltage cut-off- 16.8
  • Under voltage cut-off- 12.2V



  • Small scale UPS Battery
  • Battery for GPS Tracking – Vehicle Tracking – Asset Tracking
  • Wifi Modem or Router Battery for backup
  • 12V Remote CCTV Camera
  • PSP
  • Industrial Machines
  • Emergency Lights
  • Robotics and RC cars
  • Music Players and Audio Systems 


Warranty Terms:

This battery pack comes with 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. Warranty is void if the pack/connector is physically damaged. 


How to charge this battery pack?

The battery pack can be charged and discharged using the same DC Jack connector. To charge the battery just connect it to a female DC barrel connector and provide 16.8V (4.2V per cell) to the positive pin and ground to the negative pin. Monitor the increase in the voltage with time and stop charging after the pack has reached more than 16.5V. Using RPS to charge the cell will provide better control and understanding. 

When to charge the battery pack?

Disconnect the cells from the load when the voltage has dropped to 12V (3V per cell) or below and charge them before you can use them again. Over discharging the cells might damage them permanently. 


Note: Lithium batteries can become unstable, if not handled properly, resulting in heat or fire. Safety precautions and prior knowledge is advised.