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Its yellow Colour Round Ball Castor Wheel, These casters feature a round ball design and allow for multidirectional movement. They typically have a ball-shaped wheel mounted on a swivel mechanism, enabling the robot to move smoothly in any direction. Omnidirectional ball casters are commonly used in robotics projects where maneuverability is essential. Spherical ball transfers consist of a ball-shaped wheel that sits on multiple small rollers or bearings. They provide excellent omnidirectional movement and load-bearing capabilities. Spherical ball transfers are often used in industrial applications and can be adapted for robotics projects as well.


  • Its used in robotics Applications
  • Its colour is Yellow
  • It can be mount with the help of screw
  • Its Dimension is 24.3×30.2x 53mm
  • Its Mounting Hole size is 3.7mm
  • Its Ball Size is 12mm
Colour Yellow
Dimensions 24.3×30.2x53mm
Type Castor Wheel
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