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1mm Pitch 10 Pin 50 mm FPC-A Type Ribbon Flexible Flat Cable(Pack of 5)

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  1. Cable Length: 50mm
  2. Color: White and Blue.
  3. Pins: 10 pins.
  4. Pitch: 1mm.
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  • (Subject to stock Availability)
SKU: rz24323431

Product details

The 1mm Pitch 10 pin 50 mm FPC A-Type Ribbon Flexible Flat Cable usually refers to the extremely thin flat cable often found in high density electronic applications like laptops and cell phones. Each end cable is reinforced with a stiffener to make insertion easier or to provide strain relief.

The stiffener makes the cable slightly thicker. This cable is for the Raspberry Pi ribbon connectors when connecting a peripheral such as an external display, camera, or the Alien Spec Ribbon Connector Breakout Board.

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Note: This Package includes 5 pcs of FPC cable.

  1. Displays.
  2. PC and Computers.
  3. Flat-screen TVs.
  4. Printer, Scanner, FAX machine, Copier.
  5. Sound Box.
  6. Car DVD Player.
  7. Digital camera.
  8. Airbag line.
  9. Inkjet printer.
  10. Pictorial Machines.


  1. Easy to use.
  2. Easily replaceable.

Package Includes : 

1 x 1mm Pitch 10 Pin 50 mm FPC-A Type Ribbon Flexible Flat Cable(Pack of 5)

Additional information

Cable Type

Flat Flexible

Rated Voltage(V)


Pin Pitch (mm)


No. of Pins




Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)


Weight (gm)

1 (approx) (each)

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