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40 Teeth Plastic Spur Gear with Metal Insert

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It’s a 40 Teeth Plastic Spur Gear with Metal Insert. A 40-teeth plastic spur gear with a metal insert is a type of gear used in mechanical systems for transmitting motion and power between two shafts. It consists of a plastic gear with twelve teeth and a metal insert or core. The metal insert is typically made of more durable material‚ such as steel or brass‚ to provide strength and support to the gear. The plastic component of the gear helps reduce weight‚ noise‚ and cost compared to an all-metal gear. The metal insert is often molded or pressed into the center of the plastic gear‚ providing additional strength and durability at the critical contact points.  The use of plastic with a metal insert offers a balance between cost‚ weight‚ and performance. The plastic provides a lightweight and cost-effective solution‚ while the metal insert ensures durability and better load-bearing capabilities.


  • It is a Good Quality Material
  • It is Light Weight
  • Heavy Duty and Long Life
  • Good Temperature and Environmental Resistance
No of Teeth 40
Colour White
Material Nylon and Aluminium
Type Nylon Metal Insert Spur
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