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560pF Ceramic Capacitor (Pack of 5)

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Ceramic Capacitors are low cost and high speed switching capacitors. They are normally used for noise filtering, tuning, coupling and other applications. They can also be found it RC, LC and RLC filters. Ceramic capacitor can switch faster than electrolytic capacitors, but they are not available in high capacitance values. Features of this 560pF ceramic capacitor are:

  • Capacitance: 560pF
  • Voltage: 50V (assumption)
  • Type: Ceramic Radial though hole


  • Filter circuits like High/Low pass filter etc.
  • For Filtering noise from a circuit
  • Smoothing ripples in converters
  • For decoupling and by pass circuits
  • Fading LED circuits
  • Resonant circuits.

Package Includes:

5 x 560pF Ceramic Capacitor

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