86HS155-6204 NEMA34 112 kg-cm Stepper Motor – D-Type Shaft

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  1. Step Angle:1.8°
  2. No. of Leads: 4
  3. D-Type
  4. Shaft Length (mm) : 37
  5. Shaft Diameter (mm) : 14
  6. Holding Torque (kg-cm) : 122
  7. Temperature Rise: 80ºCmax
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If you are building a large CNC Mill, CNC Lathe or a CNC Router, etc. then you are at the right place. This NEMA 34-86HS155-6204-12.2N-m D-Type Stepper Motor is your perfect choice. So the most attractive thing about this monster NEMA stepper motor is the 12.2N.m torque they provide.

This Motor provides an excellent response to starting, stopping and reversing pulses from the stepper motor driver. It will give you 12.2N.m of torque at 6A of current per phase. You can use them where you need high torque at high speed.

The Stepper motor divides a full rotation into a number of equal steps. Thus, the motor’s position can be commanded to move and hold at one of these steps, as long as the motor is carefully sized to the application with respect to torque and speed.

This NEMA 34 Stepper Motor is a powerhouse when it comes to larger machines that require high torques. These are specially designed to withstand the high torque requirements of large CNC machines.

The NEMA 34-86HS155-6204-12.2N-m D-Type Stepper Motor is a brushless dc motor that operates in Open Loop Control system.  This type of shaft is useful in providing stability in high power operation.


  1. Supreme finish
  2. Smooth surface
  3. Long-lasting life
  4. Low cost for control achieved
  5. High torque at startup and low speeds
  6. Ruggedness
  7. Simplicity of construction
  8. Can operate in an open-loop control system
  9. Low maintenance
  10. Less likely to stall or slip

Package Includes:

1 x 86HS155-6204 NEMA34 112 kg-cm Stepper Motor – D-Type Shaft

Additional information

Number of Phases:


Step Angle


Rated Voltage


Rated Current/Phase

6.2 A( Peak Value)



 Phase Resistance

0.68 Ω±0.1(20℃)

 Phase Inductance

9 mH±20%(1kHz 1V RMS)

 Holding Torque

12.2 N.m 


Class B(130°); 80K Max.


5.6 kg