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9V 1W Green 2835 SMD LED (Pack of 8000)

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Product details

This is a High-Quality 9V 1W Green Colour SMD LED in a 2835 Package. These LEDs consume high power and generally produce a wide angle of light disbursement which can be narrowed through the use of external lenses. The Forward Voltage is 8.8-9.2 volts and the Forward Current is 100mA.

SMD LEDs are substantially smaller than lead frame-type components, they can be used on smaller boards, with higher packing density, less storage area, and smaller equipment. Just like the other LED SMD LED has two pins, an anode and a cathode for powering the LED. The most common application of these LEDs is as Home and Office Lighting Products, etc.

Pin Configuration

Pin Name



Positive terminal 


Negative terminal 



  • Recommended Storage Condition:

           At 5°C ~30°C and Relative humidity of 60% RH max.

  • After this bag is opened, devices that will be applied to infrared reflow, vapour-phase reflow, or equivalent soldering process must be:

          a. Completed within 24 hours.

          b. Stored at less than 30% RH.

  • Devices require baking before mounting, if:

          2a or 2b is not met.

  • If baking is required, devices must be baked under the below conditions:

          12 hours at 65°C ±3°C.

Brand NSEE


2835 1W Green LED

Power Consumption

1 Watt

Led Shape




Forward Voltage(VF)

8.8 – 9.2 V 

Forward Current(IF)


Lumens(LM) 120-130



Dimensions(LxB) 3.5mm x 2.8mm
Quantity Pack of 8000Pcs in Package
Country of Origin China
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