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CP-8 16 Sqmm Non-Insulated Pin Terminals Lugs

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The 16 sqmm non-insulated pin Terminals CP-8 Lugs are high-quality electrical connectors designed for securely connecting wires and cables. These lugs are made from high-grade materials, making them durable and long-lasting.

The CP-8 lugs are non-insulated, making them unsuitable for use in applications where there is a risk of accidental contact with live parts. They are ideal for low voltage applications. 

These lugs feature a pin terminal design, which allows for easy insertion of wires and cables. The terminals are designed to provide a reliable and secure connection, ensuring that the wires stay in place even under the most demanding conditions. The CP-8 lugs have a 16 sqmm cross-sectional area, making them ideal for use in small electrical circuits.

These lugs are easy to install, and they can be crimped onto the wires using a standard crimping tool. They are also reusable, allowing for easy disconnection and reconnection of wires during maintenance or repair work.

Overall, the 16 sqmm non-insulated pin Terminals CP-8 Lugs are a reliable and cost-effective solution for electrical applications that require secure wire connections. They are suitable for use in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and marine. With their high-quality construction and reliable performance, these lugs are sure to meet your electrical connection needs.

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