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CR2032 3V Coin Cell with Wire and Connector (3V 220mAh Lithium Battery)

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Product details

This is a CR2032 coin cell 220mAh lithium battery with leads and connector. It provides long-lasting, reliable power for various devices and test equipment.

These 3V batteries have 220mAH of capacity with a standard discharge current of 0.2mA. This battery can be utilized upto 2.0V cutoff voltage. That means this battery could discharge fully upto 2.0V cutoff.

The tentative discharge time for this battery is 800 hours approximately for a load of 10kOhms and 1250 hours for 15kOhms load. This battery has a 20mm diameter with 3.2mm of thickness (Height).


  • Battery Type: CR2032 coin cell with wire leads
  • Nominal Voltage – 3V.
  • Nominal Capacity: 220mAH
  • Nominal Discharge current: 0.2mA
  • Wire Length: 10cm
  • Connector Type: 2.54mm Pitch JST XH Connector
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