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Creality 3D CR-X Pro Dual Color

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  1. Input Voltage: 110/220 V
  2. Output  Voltage: 24V
  3. Total power: 500W
  4. Modeling Technology: FDM
  5. Print size:300x300x400mm
  6. Dual-color print size: 270x270x400mm
  • Estimated delivery time 2-4 days
  • (Subject to stock Availability)
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Product details

3D printers are becoming more popular day by day, and Creality is one of the major players in 3D printer production, which has introduced a lot of range of different kinds of printers at a very affordable cost.

Creality offers advanced-level 3D printers at a lower cost than any other peer brand in the market, making them ideal for the one who wants to start with 3D printing or to buy their own printer for home.

CR-X Pro comes with the same type of dual extruder as its predecessor, a single-nozzle, dual-colour design. The filament is fed through Bowden tubes from the extruder, meeting in a Y-coupler before passing into the hot end itself. It has also having a dual extruder in one nozzle and is capable of printing 2 different colours at the same time. Through software algorithm control, slicing software editing, the machine can support four modes of colour printing: mixed colour, dual-color, layered colour, and single colour to achieve customized two-colour 3D models.

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  1. Integrated Design With Stable Structure
  2. Large Print size in the full-metal frame
  3. Z-axis double screws with stable printing
  4. BL-touch auto-levelling with stable printing
  5. Dual cooling fans for heat dissipation

Package Includes:

1 x Creality 3D CR-X Pro Dual Color

Customer Service:

  • For technical assistance, contact Creality after-sales at Phone: +86 755 3396 5666 or email at
  • You can also chat online at
  • For return, refund, and any other queries you can directly contact us at

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