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Creality -Carborundum Glass Platform

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  1. Easy to remove model with 1 minute
  2. Material: Glass
  3. Dimensions:  245*255mm
  4. Color: Transparent with Black Coat
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  • (Subject to stock Availability)
SKU: rz24320786

Product details

This is a Carborundum Glass Platform by Creality. This platform is used to protect the hotbed from strong adhesion and remove the model using the blade. So, It can be easy to remove your model with the carborundum glass platform, and the bottom of the model is very smooth. The hardness of the Glass platform can be up to 9 Mohs, the hardness is better than aluminum and copper. It can resistant to 400ºC and used repeatedly without reducing performance.


  1. Easy to remove model with 1 minute
  2. High viscosity and strong adhesion
  3. 0.15MM of the flatness recovery model
  4. Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, easy to clean
  5. High hardness and durable

Package Includes:

1 x Creality -Carborundum Glass Platform

Customer Service:

  • For technical assistance, contact Creality after-sales at Phone: +86 755 3396 5666 or email at
  • You can also chat online at
  • For return, refund, and any other queries you can directly contact us at

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