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Current Transformer (CT) 100/5 – TAMCO Current Transformer

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The Current Transformer (CT) 100/5 is a type of TAMCO Current Transformer that is used to measure electrical current in power systems. It consists of a primary winding and a secondary winding wrapped around a magnetic core. The primary winding is connected to the power line, while the secondary winding is connected to a measuring instrument, such as an ammeter or a wattmeter.

The CT 100/5 has a ratio of 100:5, which means that for every 100 amps of current passing through the primary winding, 5 amps of current will be induced in the secondary winding. The current flowing through the secondary winding is proportional to the current in the primary winding, making it possible to measure the primary current by measuring the secondary current.

The CT 100/5 is typically housed in a protective casing made of high-quality insulating materials to ensure safety and reliability. It is designed to operate under high voltages and currents and can withstand harsh environmental conditions. The CT 100/5 is widely used in various industries, including power generation, transmission, and distribution, as well as in industrial and commercial applications where accurate current measurement is essential for safety and efficiency.

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