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DT9205A Digital Multimeter with Probes and Battery

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Product details

DT9205A Digital Multimeter Features:

  • Automatic polarity indication Diode and transistor (hfe) test Ranging mode: manual Basic
  • accuracy: 0.8% (1.0% for 2000k range)
  • Overload protection: 220vrms max.
  • For 15 seconds Over range: yes
  • Transistor test: yes
  • Diode test: yes
  • Low-battery indication Voltage measurements: ac 500v and dc 500v max.
  • Current measurements: dc 10a max.
  • Resistance measurements: 2mohm
  • Dc voltage: 200m/2/20/200/1000v Ac voltage: 200m/2/20/200/750v
  • Dc current: 2/20/200n/2/20/200u/2/20m/200m/20a
  • Ac current: 20/200m/2a
  • Resistance: 2/20/2000m/2/20/200k/2m
  • Overload protection: 200ma 250v fuse (20a-range is not fuse-protected)
  • Auto power off

Material: plastic & metal Test leads total length: approx 70cm/27.56″ Multimeter size: (approx) 20cm x 9cm x 3cm Weight: 335g Power by: 1 x 9v 6f22 battery (included)

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