eSun PLA filament Glass orange

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  1. Diameter : 1.75mm.
  2. Melting point: 210ºc.
  3. Colour: Glass Orange
  4. Weight : 1 kg.
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The eSun Transparent PLA 1.75 mm 1 kg Filament for 3D printer – Premium Quality is the best quality 3D Printer filament manufactured by the eSun brand. This filament supplied by Robozarin makes your 3D printing experience better and satisfied with your project.

eSun TRANSPARENT PLA( Polylactic Acid) 1.75 mm 1 KG Filament for 3D Printers is a multipurpose material. Commonly this material is used in 3D printing. PLA is a bio-plastic, which means it is made from renewable natural resources such as corn starch and tapioca products. As a biodegradable material, it is much better for the environment, especially compared to petrochemical-based alternatives (such as ABS).

This saturated Color is characterized by high colour intensity and TRANSPARENT appearance. eSun PLA filament features a wide range of bold colours, good layer adhesion, and resilience. It is compatible with all 1.75mm FDM / FFF 3D printers and prints perfectly on All 3D printers. Robozarin

PLA filament is our personal favourite

It can be printed very easily and without warping – making it perfect for getting started!

What is PLA?

PLA, short for polylactide Acid is a multipurpose plastic and the most popular printing material used with 3D printers. PLA is a bioplastic made from renewable resources such as corn starch.

We tend to favour PLA as our default printing material due to its high strength and minimal warping.

Environment-friendly – ISO 9001 and ROHS certified

Recommended temperatures when used with eSun 3D printers:
  1. Print Temp (°C): 190-210
  2. Bed Temp (°C): 0-80


  1. High-quality starting material
  2. Diameter tolerances of ± 0.1mm checked with laser monitor
  3. Smooth surface with even rounding
  4. Lower melting temperature
  5. Good flow properties
  6. Little odour development
  7. Less risk of clogging the nozzle, compared to ABS
  8. Compatible with almost all 1.75mm FDM printers
  9. No heating bed is necessary
  10. High quality means less waste
  11. Easy to use
  12. No heating bed is necessary

Package Includes:

1 x eSun Transparent PLA 1.75 mm 1 kg Filament for 3D printer – Premium Quality

  • 1kg eSun filament on a round spool
  • Vacuum sealed with desiccant to protect the filament from moisture!

Additional information

Plastic Type


Plastic Colour


Plastic Diameter


Total Weight


Print Temp (°C)


Bed Temp (°C)


Density (g/cm3)


Distortion Temp (°C, 0.45MPa)


Melt Flow Index (g/10min)

5 (190°C/2.16kg)

Tensile Strength (MPa)


Elongation at Break (%)


Bending Strength (MPa)


IZOD Impact Strength (kJ/m2)