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FTC FHB-32 – 32A HRC Fuse Holder

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Product details

The function of a fuse holder is to integrate fuses safely in electrical circuits, ensure a robust current path (voltage does not creep to other components) and provide a method to replace fuses once they manage overcurrent events as intended.

The Bases are manufacturing from high grade phenol formaldehyde/Polyester resin based vinyl compound. These are non-inflammable, non-hygroscopic and with hard
glossy black finish.

Current carrying parts of the holders are made from precisely pressed copper/brass material and have extruded brass base contacts. These are mounted on seats to
ensure perfect alignment. The current carrying parts of the fuse bases are electro plated with silver to ensure long life, non deteriorating contacts surface for high efficient mating.

Back up pressure clips have been precisely formed from phosphor Bronze/Spring Steel materials to ensure perfect mating of male and female parts, for long life.

Copper/Brass terminals are used for direct cable termination in case of fuse holders and through cable lugs for open type fuse bases complete with cable holding fasteners.



Brand : FTC

Current Rating : 32 A

Model No : FHB-32

Voltage : 415V AC

Breaking Capacity: >80kA

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