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Hot Melt Glue Gun – 40W

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Glue gun are a portable devices that utilizes and dispense hot melted adhesives in shape of tubular sticks. The heat generated from the heating element melts the adhesive and let it flow to the nozzle by pulling the trigger.  Generally, melting takes between two and five minutes, but the process may be shorter depending on whether the gun has been preheated or is already in use. In standard glue guns, the temperature of the hot melts is controlled by thermistors, thermally sensitive resistors that limit the heat current during the melting process. Low-temperature guns melt glue at 250 degrees and are suitable for delicate materials. High-temperature hot glue sticks and guns can reach 400 degrees and are only compatible for more durable or “hard” materials. Manufacturers produce dual temperature models for multiple projects. It can be used in electronics components fixing, woodworking, recreational décor, Shipment and Packaging etc.


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  • Handheld Glue Gun
  • 40W Power Rating
  • 100-240V Voltage Rating

Package Contents

1× Hot melt glue gun

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