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IoT Development Board Shield with ESP32 Module

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Product details

It is one of the best DIY kits for beginners who are looking to dive into embedded systems and the IoT (Internet of Things) field. This ESP32/NodeMCU Shield is a low-cost open-source IoT platform development shield. You can use either ESP32 (WiFi + Bluetooth) or NodeMCU module on this board. It is compatible with ESP32/NODEMCU development module. So with the help of NodeMCU and ESP32, you can make so many projects. NodeMCU is an open-source platform-based development board with an integrated ESP8266 (WiFi chip) that allows you to connect and control electrical appliances over the internet. Like Arduino and other microcontrollers they also have Some common features such as GPIO, PWM, and ADC types. This board’s construction includes a relay, 2-seven-segment displays, a buzzer, an L293D motor driver IC socket, 8-input switch, with output indication.


  • Compatible with either ESP32 and NodeMCU
  • With the help of this board, you can build several projects
  • Best Embedded IDE learning shield 

Project ideas

  • LED Blinking
  • Servo DC Motor
  • Dc Motor Operates with L293D IC
  • Output Relay Control
  • Seven-Segment Display
  • BCD Converter
  • Timer Control
  • Timer Relay Control
  • On/Off Switch with LED Indication
  • LED Dimmer 
  • Counter
  • Timer Counter
  • LED Fade-ness
  • IR Transmitter & Receiver
  • Smoke Detector
  • LDR Dark Detector
  • Sensors
 Board IoT Development Board Shield
 Make India
 Supply Voltage (VCC) +12V
 Output Voltage +12V, +5V, and 3.3V
Dimensions 137x96x17mm
Included Module 1 ESP32 Module
Country of Origin China
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