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Kamoer Make KKDD-12S18LA Peristaltic Pump

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  1. Model: KKDD-12S18LA
  2. Voltage: 12V-24V
  3. Horsepower: 14.4W
  4. Pressure: High pressure
  5. Structure: Peristaltic pump

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Product details

peristaltic pump, also commonly known as a roller pump, is a type of positive displacement pump used for pumping a variety of fluids. The fluid is contained in a flexible tube fitted inside a circular pump casing. Most peristaltic pumps work through rotary motion, though linear peristaltic pumps have also been made. The rotor has a number of “wipers” or “rollers” attached to its external circumference, which compress the flexible tube as they rotate by.

The part of the tube under compression is closed, forcing the fluid to move through the tube. Additionally, as the tube opens to its natural state after the rollers pass, more fluid is drawn into the tube. This process is called peristalsis and is used in many biological systems such as the . Typically, there will be two or more rollers compressing the tube, trapping a body of fluid between them. The body of fluid is transported through the tube, toward the pump outlet. Peristaltic pumps may run continuously, or they may be indexed through partial revolutions to deliver smaller amounts of fluid.


  1. Suitable for viscous and non viscous transport
  2. Quick replacement for pump tube
  3. A Variety of pump tube materials are available
  4. Gear transmission high reliability


  1. Horsepower: 14.4W
  2. Power Source: Electric
  3. Pressure: High pressure
  4. Structure: Peristaltic pump
  5. Voltage: 12V24V
  6. Power: 14.4W
  7. Motor: DC brushed motor/stepper motor
  8. Flow Rate: <1300ml/min
  9. Reduction ratio: 1:20
  10. Ambient Humidity: <80%
  11. Ambient Temperature: 0-40°
  12. Current: 0.6A/1.2A
  13. Certification: RoHS, CE

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1 X Kamoer Make KKDD-12S18LA Peristaltic Pump


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