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L7824CV 24V Voltage Regulator TO-220 Package

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The L78 series of three-terminal positive regulators is a 24 Volt Voltage Regulator in TO-220 Package. By providing local on-card regulation, these regulators can do away with the distribution issues brought on by single-point regulation. Each type has safe area protection, thermal shut-down, and internal current limiting, making it virtually unbreakable. They can deliver more than 1 A of output current if sufficient heat sinking is offered. Despite primarily being intended to regulate fixed voltage, these devices can be used with external components to produce adjustable voltage and currents.

For more Detail Datasheet.


  •  Output current up to 1.5 A
  •  Thermal overload protection
  •  Short circuit protection
  •  Output transition SOA protection
  •  2 % output voltage tolerance (A version)
  •  Guaranteed in the extended temperature range (A version)
Model L7824CV
Type Linear Voltage Regulator
Brand STMicroelectronics
Package Style TO-220
Output voltage 24V
Output Current 1.5A
No. of Pins 03
Storage temperature range -65 to 150°C
Country of Origin China
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