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Plusivo Non-Contact AC Voltage Detector/Tester

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  1. High-quality ac voltage detector
  2. Product: AC voltage detector
  3. Dual sensitivity range wire tester
  4. Voltage: 12v-1000v/48v-1000v
  5. Working temperature: 0°C~40°C
  6. Operating Voltage: 3V DC (2 x AAA Battery not included)

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Product details

Voltage Testers are electronic devices with an amplified signal that may detect changes in the electric field around AC-energized items. No direct metallic contact with the circuit is required to establish the findings. A non-contact voltage tester is used to indicate if power is off without touching any wires.

Voltage is detected in cables, cords, circuit breakers, light fixtures, switches, outlets, and wires, as well as AC voltage in doorbells, thermostats, low-voltage lighting, and irrigation systems. Both visual and audio signals are included.

Operating Instructions:
  1. Turning ON/OFF: Press and hold the power button for more than 1 second; the buzzer will sound, all of the indicator lights will flash once, and the system will enter the test mode. If it is turned ON, long-press the power switch button to turn it OFF.
  2. High/Low Sensitivity Switch: The default setting is the low sensitivity test mode. Press the ON/OFF button/sensitivity (less than 1 second) to switch between high and low sensitivity. It is in the high-sensitivity test mode when the sensitivity indicator light is ON. It is in the low sensitivity test mode when the sensitivity indicator light is OFF.
  3. Flashlight: press the flashlight button to turn it ON, and press again to turn it OFF
  4. AC Voltage Detection: When you place the probe of the tester near an AC voltage source, the signal indicator light will turn ON, the sensitivity indicator light will turn ON, and the buzzer’s beep will speed up or slow down depending on the signal strength.

• Note:

  1. When you need to test the neutral and live wires that are near each other try to test them separately; if they cannot be separated, identified based on the detected signal intensity. The live wire is the one that has a strong signal, while the neutral wire has a weak signal.
  2. This tester needs a 2 x AAA battery is not included with this pack you have to buy it separately. 


  1. You can use the flashlight function to provide convenience for working in the dark
  2. Easy to use and carry as a portable Pen tester
  3. Contactless operation
  4. IP 65 protection rating
  5. Signal straight indicator


  1. High Sensitivity Range: 12V to 1000V AC : sensitivity indicator light is ON, buzzer sound speed up
  2. Low Sensitivity Mode: 48V to 1000V AC : sensitivity indicator light is OFF, buzzer sound slows down
  3. Signal indicator light will turn ON
  4. Sensitivity indicator light will turn ON
  5. Buzzer’s beep will speed up or slow down depending on the signal strength.
  6. Live wire will denote by a strong signal
  7. Neutral wire can be detected by a weak signal
  8. Operating Voltage: 3V DC (2 x AAA Battery not included)
  9. Dimensions (L x D)mm : 150 x 25
  10. Weight: 36gm (without battery)

Package Includes:

1 x Plusivo Non-Contact AC Voltage Detector

1 x Additional Accessories Set

1 x User Manual

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