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PN532 RFID Reader (NFC Read/Write Module)

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The RFID based sensors are widely popular for security reasons. There are many hardware devices available that could receive data from RFID but few are available that could write also. PN532 is a RFID module that is used for contactless communication where read and write functions are required from RFID devices. It works at 13.56 MHz. The interesting part of this RFID module is the Microcontroller functionality based on an 80C51 core with 40 Kbytes of ROM and 1 Kbytes of RAM. 

The PN532 works with a modulation and demodulation concept and supports I2C and UART communication. That supports 3.3V to 24V TTL as it has On Board Level Shifter. It has built in PCB Antenna and could communicate with other NFC Devices as well, like smartphones and NFC based tags.

PN532 Feature and Specification:-

  1. Communication distance: 5cm~7cm
  2. Support protocols like II2, SPI and HSU (High-Speed UART)
  3. I2C / UART TTL Voltage level –  3.3V ~ 24V TTL
  4. On-board level shifter available that reduces external components.
  5. Work in NFC Mode 
  6. Work in RFID reader/writer Mode
  7. Does not require external Antenna due to Built-in PCB Antenna supports communication over 4cm~6cm.
  8. Work as a 1443-A card or a virtual card


PN532 Dimension:


PN532 Applications:

  • Security
  • Transport
  • Ticketing System
  • Door lock


Example Projects on PN532:

Biometric Attendance system using Atmega32

Additional Resources:

PN532 Datasheet

Package Contains

1x PN532 Board

1x 3 pin Jumper wire Female to Female

1x RFID Card

1x RFID Tab ring

1x 8 pin Right angle berg pin

1x 4 pin Right angle berg pin

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