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QIACHIP 433MHZ Learning Code EV 1527 Super heterodyne Decode RF Wireless Receiver Module

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Product details

New RXB12 – X super heterodyne with decoding wireless receiving module, adopt the French brand rf wireless data transmission receiving chip, is a high cost performance of the receiving module of ISM frequency band. Has higher receiver sensitivity, low price, can get rid of some low-end products because of the limitation of price reason can only use super-regenerative module, improve the stability and reliability of low-end wireless products, and improve the image of the product quality and enhance the product competitiveness. Any circuit that can be done without additional wireless signal input to the data signal output. Built-in data decoding circuit, can easily achieve the development of wireless products. Output way point move, self-locking, interlocking, adapted to different users. The mode of code matching with the remote control, can input 2260, 2262, 2240, 1527 and so on many kinds of remote control chips, form a complete set of convenience.

Key Features

1). Low cost ASK/AM radio superhet receiver

2). High frequency stability (no adjust components) & coherence

3). Very low RF re-radiation at the antenna

4). Operation temperature -20 ~85 degrees centigrade

5). Supply voltage: 2.8~5.5v

6). Available frequency: 315/433.92MHz (other Frequency customer selectable)

7). Compatible with most AM (ASK/OOK) transmitters

8). Smal package: SIL-6PIN (2.54mm of pin distance)

9). Lead Temperature (soldering, 3s): 330 degrees centigrade


(1) auto remote control door switch (RKE);

(2) remote control door machine,

(3) wireless security alarm system;

(4) wireless doorbell;

(5) wireless controller,

(6) wireless data transmission.

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