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SeeedStudio Grove Temperature&Humidity Sensor Pro

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  1. Supply Voltage : 3.3– 5Vdc
  2. Consumption: 1.5 uA
  3. Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 11 mm
  4. Response time: 6–20 sec.
  • Estimated delivery time 2-4 days
  • (Subject to stock Availability)
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Product details

Grove – DHT22 is a high accuracy temperature and humidity sensor based on the DHT22 module (also known as AM2302 or RHT03). High-cost performance and high precision make it ideal for temperature and humidity monitoring of Arduino and Raspberry Pi, you can also use it to make a thermometer and hygrometer.
The DHT22 includes a capacitive humidity sensor and a high precision temperature sensor. The range of humidity sensor is 0 to 99.9 %RH with ±2% accuracy while the temperature sensor ranges from -40 to 80℃ with ±0.5℃ accuracy. With the help of a built-in 8-bit microcontroller, the DHT22 converts the analogue output of those two sensors to the digital signal, and outputs both temperature and humidity data via a single pin.

Getting started with SeeedStudio Grove Temperature&Humidity Sensor Pro


  1. Small
  2. Very sensitive
  3. Energy efficient
  4. Maximum response time of 20 seconds
  5. Measures temperature between -40 and 80 °C (+/- 0.5 °C)
  6. Measures humidity between 5 and 99% (+/-2%)

Package Includes :

1 x SeeedStudio Grove Temperature&Humidity Sensor Pro
1 x JST cable
1 x  User Manual

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