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Truphone MFF2 SIM For LTE-M IOT SIM Module

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Product details

Its MFF2 SIM FOR LTE-M IOT( Truphone )‚ it’s an IOT Sim it does not only provide internet connectivity it can connect you globally‚ Its Truphone’s SIM. It’s compliant with 2G‚3G‚4G LTE‚ CDMA‚ NB IOT etc. Its secure element access control sim‚ has a power-saving feature.

  • MFF2: (also known as M2M SIM or M2M form factor) MFF2 is a smaller SIM card form factor specifically designed for IoT applications. It is significantly smaller than traditional SIM cards, allowing it to fit into compact IoT devices.
  • LTE-M: The Truphone MFF2 SIM is optimized for LTE-M networks. LTE-M is a low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) technology designed for IoT devices. It provides improved coverage, longer battery life, and better signal penetration compared to traditional cellular networks.
  • IoT SIM Module Compatibility: The Truphone MFF2 SIM is compatible with IoT SIM modules that support LTE-M connectivity. These modules are typically integrated into IoT devices, enabling them to connect to cellular networks and transmit data.
  • Truphone Network Coverage: Truphone operates its own global mobile network, providing connectivity in multiple countries. The Truphone MFF2 SIM allows IoT devices to connect to Truphone’s network, ensuring reliable and secure connectivity for IoT applications.


  • Its operating temperature is -40 to 105 Degree Centigrade
  • Its Brand is Truphone
  • Its core processor is 32Bit ARM.
Model MFF2 SIM
Type SIM module
Operating Voltage 5V, 3V, 1.8V
Brand Truphone
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