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18650 5V 1A/2A Lithium, Battery Digital Display, Charging Module Dual, USB Output Band, Display Booster, Mmodule

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  1. Size:66*18*16mm
  2. Input:5V 2.1A
  3. Output:5V/1A or 5V/2.1A
  4. Protect Function:overcharging protection;overdischarging protection;overload protection
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SKU: rz24320404

Product details

Do you want to build your own power bank from your spare 18650 battery cells?  Then this 18650 5V 1A/2A Lithium Battery Digital Display Charging Module is for you. Just like a modern power bank the module is equipped with Dual USB output to charge the gadgets at 2.1A and 1A. To charge the batteries, this module has two USB inputs one is C-type input, and the other is a MicroUSB input. Onboard, a brilliant blue-colored illuminating LED Display displays the real-time battery percentage in the 0–100% range, as well as the IN and OUT Signal. Furthermore, the board contains a connection for installing an LED to be used as a flashlight, which is generally found on a POWER BANK.

So, if you have any spare 18650 batteries cells in your scrap box, buy this module and create your own Power Bank, then share your DIY experience with us.

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