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2 Pin RGB LED 4.8mm Straw Hat – Slow Auto Flashing

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Product details

It is a general-purpose used RGB Auto flashing LED, Its Forward voltage is 3.2V and it is a Through Hole LED. These LEDs are used for a common purpose in electronic circuits, modules, devices, indicator lights, and many other devices. These colour-changing LEDs take the work out of creating crazy, flashy, blinks. Simply apply power and the LED will cycle through the RGB colourspace: no external controller is required. These bright and colourful LEDs can be used in decorations, LED “throwies”, indicator lights, etc. The typical forward voltage is 3.2V.

Pin Configuration

Pin Name



Positive terminal of LED(the big leg of the LED )


Negative terminal of LED(the small leg of the LED)

Product RGB LED 4.8mm Straw Hat 
Type  Slow Auto Flashing
Mounting Type Through Hole
Operating Voltage 3.2V-3.4V DC
Operating Current 20mA
Diameter 4.8mm
Colour RGB
Lens Clear
Number of Pins 02
Pin Type LL
Country of Origin China
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