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50W 130-180V DC 300mA LED Driver Module

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Product details

LED Drivers serve as an interface between the power supply (line) and the LED (load), converting incoming 50 Hz or 60 Hz AC line power at voltages between 165 to 265 Volts to the regulated DC 130-180V, 300mA output current. . Within a set design range, an LED driver circuit should be immune to voltage spikes and other AC line noise. It can filter out harmonics in the output current to keep them from impairing the LED light source’s output quality. 


  • Its input voltage is 265V 
  • Its frequency is 50-60Hz
  • Its input current is 0.22A
  • Its output current is 300mA
  • It has four wire two wires are for input
  • And the other two wires are for output
Model HN-AF4050E
Type LED Driver Module
Connection Point N,L and Positive, negative
Input Voltage 165~265VAC
Output Current  300mA
Power 50W
Dimensions 65mmx20mmx25mm
Input Current  0.22A
Output Voltage 130-180V
Country of Origin China

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