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7-24V Modbus RTU 2, Channels Relay Module, RS485/TTL Anti-Reverse, Connection

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  1. On-board Chip: MAX485
  2. Communication protocol:  Modbus RTU protocol
  3. Communication interface: Support RS485 / TTL UART interface
  4. Operating Voltage: 5VDC
  5. No. of Channel: 2

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Product details

LC 2 channel Modbus relay module equipped with mature and stable 8-bit MCU and RS485 level communication chip adopt standard MODBUS RTU format RS485 communication protocol, It can realize 1-way input signal detection and 2-way relay output, can be used for digital detection or power control occasions.


  1. On-board mature and stable 8bit MCU and MAX485 level conversion chip
  2. Communication protocol: support standard Modbus RTU protocol
  3. Communication interface: Support RS485 / TTL UART interface
  4. Communication baud rate: 4800/9600/19200, default 9600bps, support power saving
  5. Photocoupler input signal range: DC3.3-30V (This input cannot be used for relay control)
  6. Device address: range 1-255, default 255, support power-down save
  7. Onboard one 5V, 10A / 250V AC 10A / 30V DC relay.
  8. Continuously attract 100,000 times, with diode leakage protection, short response time
  9. Onboard relay switch indicator
  10. Supply voltage: DC7-24V, with input anti-reverse protection

Package includes:

1 x 7-24V Modbus RTU 2 Channel Relay Module RS485

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