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9W 220VAC Warm White 38mm DOB LED

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Product details

This is a 220V 9W DOB LED PCB. It operates on 220V AC. It has two IC, MB10F and FM3081S8HS. And it has a total of 20 LEDs, and the colour of the LED is Warm White. This PCB is mainly used in bulbs. MB10F is a bridge rectifier as a bridge rectifier is used to rectify the AC signal, which means it’s used to convert AC to DC voltage directly. This IC is used for the single-phase power supply. And it has an eight-pin IC FM3081S8HS, a single-channel LED linear constant current drive control chip. An external resistor adjusts the output current.


  • Its mainly used in decorative products 
  • It’s used in home décor LEDs
  • It’s used in traffic LED
  • Headlight
  • Street lights 


  • Direct AC Source 
  • It has a total of 20 LED 
  • It does not need any external driver circuit 
  • It has an inbuilt driver IC 
Model CF-L529
Input Voltage 220VAC
No of LEDs 20
Colour  Warm White
LED Diameter 38mm
Power 9W
Wire Mounting Diameter (Small hole) 2.5mm
Mounting Diameter of (large Hole) 5mm
Thickness 2.1mm
Connection Point Line and Neutral
No. of Connecting Point 02
Country of Origin China
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