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Product details

Its a 4G LTE development board its used to transfer the data from one point to another point its data transfer rate is 10 for downlink and 5 for uplink in MBPS its power consumption is 300mA in sleep mode less 10mA.It has a port for DC supply its operating voltage is 5V-12V. It has an on Chip Sim, It has total 12 pins for connectivity, GND,12V,GND,VRTC,S-,S+,M-,M+,Rx,Tx,GND,VCC. it has an antenna port to connect with he antenna. The serial interface allows for simple communication with a computer or laptop via a USB to Serial adapter or TTL converter. AT instructions are used to communicate with the A7670C.This SIM A7670C 4G LTE Development Board has onboard UART Logic Level Conversion, and VDD needs to be connected to host reference voltage. It has a UFL connector, which allows connection of any antenna with this board. Apart from this, the module is very compact in size.


  • It has on Chip SIM
  • Its data transfer rate is 10MBPS for uplink and for downlink is 5MBPS
  • Its a small board
  • It supports only 4G
  • It has a micro SIM holder
  • Its suitable for LTE
  • IMEI No-865085055216019
  • Part No-S2-10A6T-230FD
  • Ultra low sleep mode current consumption: <10mA
Model A7670C
Type LTE Module
Operating Voltage 5-12V
Sim holder type Micro SIM
Length 49.4mm
Width 65.0mm
Height 17.4mm
Country of Origin China
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