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1,489.481,861.85 (Including tax)
Sku: rz24331793
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ALTERA FPGA Cyclone II EP2C5T144 Development Board

(5.00)3 Reviews
2,601.603,252.00 (Including tax)
Sku: rz24332093

Arduino Leonardo R3 Board

(5.00)14 Reviews
477.48596.85 (Including tax)
Sku: rz24332078

Arduino Mega R3 ATMEGA2560 16U Compatible Model (Good Quality)

(5.00)16 Reviews
1,366.201,707.75 (Including tax)
Sku: rz24332702

Arduino Nano - Soldered (Without Cable)

(5.00)16 Reviews
217.12271.40 (Including tax)
Sold out
Sku: rz24344143

Arduino Nano R3 Atmega328P (Pin Unsoldered)

0 Reviews
239.20299.00 (Including tax)
Sold out
Sku: rz24344387

Arduino Pro Mini

0 Reviews
248.40310.50 (Including tax)
Sold out
Sku: rz24339527

AT89S51/52 Microcontroller Development Board

0 Reviews
486.68608.35 (Including tax)
Sold out
Sku: rz24336415

ATMega8A IoT Learning Development Board Kit (Bootloader)

0 Reviews
412.16515.20 (Including tax)
Sku: rz24332733

ATTINY85 USB Development Board

(5.00)2 Reviews
234.60293.25 (Including tax)
Sold out
Sku: rz24344808

ESP32 CAM WiFi Bluetooth Module with OV2640 Camera Module

(5.00)19 Reviews
444.36555.45 (Including tax)
Sold out
Sku: rz24344441

ESP8266 ESP-01 Remote Serial Port WIFI Transceiver Wireless Module

(5.00)19 Reviews
117.76147.20 (Including tax)
Sku: rz24332100

Raspberry Pi Pico W Original

(5.00)2 Reviews
538.20672.75 (Including tax)
Sku: rz24331560

RP2040 Zero Pi Development Board with Header

(5.00)2 Reviews
345.00431.25 (Including tax)
Sku: rz24331809

TF Card U Disk MP3 Format Decoder Board Module Audio Player

(5.00)4 Reviews
100.28125.35 (Including tax)
Sku: rz24332705

TTGO T-Call Sim800l ESP32 Wireless Communication Module

(5.00)2 Reviews
1,810.562,263.20 (Including tax)
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