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ADP810 Differential Pressure Sensor

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  1. Flow step response time: (τ63) < 10ms
  2. Resolution: 24 bit
  3. Calibrated for: Air, N2
  4. Span accuracy: 2,3 3% of reading
  5. Zero point repeatability: 3 0.1 Pa

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Product details

The ADP800 sensor family is Aosong’s series of digital differential pressure sensors designed for high-volume applications. The sensors measure the pressure of air and non-aggressive gases with superb accuracy and no offset drift. The sensors cover a pressure range of up to ±500 Pa (±2 inch H2O / ±5 bar) and deliver outstanding accuracy, also at the bottom end of the measuring range. The ADP800 Series features a digital 2-wire I2C interface, which makes it easy to connect directly to a microprocessor. The outstanding performance of these sensors is based on Aosong’s patented sensor technology. The differential pressure is
measured by a thermal sensor element using flow-through technology. The well-proven technology is perfectly suited for high-quality mass production and is the ideal choice for demanding and cost-sensitive OEM applications.


  1. Excellent repeatability, no drift, no offset
  2. Extended feature set – smart averaging
  3. Calibrated and temperature compensated
  4. igh reliability and long-term stability
  5. Best signal-to-noise ratio
  6. Industry-proven technology with a track record of more
    than 15 years
  7. Designed for mass production
  8. High process capability


  1. Measurement range: -500 to 500 Pa (-2 to 2 inH2O)
  2. Zero point accuracy: 2,3 0.3 Pa
  3. Span accuracy: 2,3 3% of reading
  4. Zero point repeatability: 3 0.1 Pa
  5. Span repeatability: 3 0.5% of reading
  6. Span shift due to temperature variation: < 0.5% of reading per 10°C
  7. Offset stability: < 0.05 Pa/year
  8. Flow step response time: (τ63) < 10ms
  9. Resolution: 24 bit
  10. Calibrated for: Air, N2
  11. Media compatibility: Air, N2, O2, non-condensing
  12. Temperature compensation range: 0 °C to +50 °C

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1 x ADP810 Differential Pressure Sensor

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