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Arduino Multi Projects Kits For RFID, Audio, Door Lock, Sensors Types of Projects

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Product details

Its an Arduino Kit for Multiple projects, This kit is very best for the beginner to make different- different types of projects by this kit beginner can make many types of projects like home automations, Radar, smart dustbin etc. This kit includes everything you need to get started with electronics using an Arduino and a lot of things that will take you from a beginner to an enthusiast. it has RF id Module kit for the digital attendance project. Arduino UNO , Arduino UNO is a low-cost, flexible, and easy-to-use programmable open-source microcontroller board that can be integrated into a variety of electronic projects. This board can be interfaced with other Arduino boards, Arduino shields, Raspberry Pi boards and can control relays, LEDs, servos, and motors as an output.

Package Included:

  1. RF ID Reader Writer Module
  2. Arduino UNO
  3. Arduino UNO Prototyping Shield
  4. Male to Male Jumper Wire(40 Pcs)
  5. Audio Amplifier Kit( SN74HC595N, 4 Push Button, Mic, CJSL DHT11, 10K-B potentiometer)
  6. Real Time Clock HW-111 I2C Module
  7. 4×4 matrix Membrane Key Pad
  8. Display Kit (5-Red, Green, Blue, White, yellow, 1RGB,5 Push Buttons)
  9. Potentiometer
  10. Male to Female (40 wires)
  11. Stepper Motor Driver Module 
  12. 1 Channel Relay module
  13. Green LCD Display
  14. HC-SR04 Ultrasonic sensor
  15. Arduino Cable
  16.  MB-102 Bread Board
  17. Buzzer
  18. Battery Connector
  19. 28BYJ-48 5VDC Step Motor
  20. 9V Battery
  21. Servo Motor 
  22. Sensor Kit (IR, LDR, transmitter, Thermistor, Motion, Vibration etc)
  23. DC Motor
  24. Water Level Indicator Module
  25. Resistors (150 Pcs)
  26. Audio detector Module
  27. Remote
  28. Step down DC to DC Converter module(HW-131)
  29. Joy Stick Module (2 Pcs)
  30. Relay
  31. DHT-111 Humidity and temperature sensor Module
  32. 1 Dual Seven segment display
  33. single seven segment display


  • Digital attendance system
  • Automatic attendance system
  • Water Level indicator
  • LCD display
  • EVM
  • Radar 
  • Smart Dustbin 
  • Thief Detector
  • Road Safety
  • 7 Segment Display
  • Dot Matrix display Project
  • Home automation
  • LED Chaser
  • Remote Control Car
  • LDR
  • LFR
  • Gaming Based projects


  • Its all in one kits
  • Best for beginner
  • It has many basic components and device by which can make different- different type of project
  • Its great for starting to the beginner
Type Arduino Kit
Arduino Board Arduino UNO
Battery Voltage 9V
No of Projects More than 20
No of  Through Hole LEDs  26
No of Jumper Wire 80
Country of Origin China
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