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This is a 24 Volt DC Stepping Motor 7.5 Deg/Step. Stepper motors are used in motion systems high precision positioning is required. Stepper motors can deliver direct and precise motions in a small volume due to their high power even at low speeds, stall torque, and ability to divide steps into micro-steps. The absence of mechanical commutation gives these motors a longer life which is usually given by the sleeves according to the load applied on the shaft.


  • Office Machines

  • Automated Machines

Brand OKI
Product Type Stepping Motor
Resistance per Phase 9.3 Ohm
Step Angle  7.5 Deg/Step
No. of Lead 4
Operating Voltage 24V DC
Shaft Length 20mm
Shaft Diameter 3mm
No of Step  48 Step
Motor Diameter 42mm
Country of Origin China
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