DC3.3V-5V UV Detection Sensor Ultraviolet Ray Module

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This sensor uses a UV photodiode, which can detect the 240-370nm range of light (which covers UVB and most of UVA spectrum). The signal level from the photodiode is very small, in the nano-ampere level, so we tossed on an op-amp to amplify the signal to a more manageable volt-level.

This UV inspection sensor module is designed for high-reliability and accurate measurement of the ultraviolet index (UVI). It’s suitable for measuring total sunlight UV intensity and complies with the World Health Organization’s UV Index Classification Standard. The module detects UV wavelengths in the range of 200-370nm and offers a very fast response time with full interchangeability.


  • High-reliability sensor for precise UV index measurement
  • Measures total sunlight UV intensity
  • Complies with World Health Organization UV Index standards
  • Detects UV wavelengths from 200nm to 370nm
  • Very fast response time for real-time data
  • Compatible with 3.3V-5V power supply
  • Analog signal output for easy interfacing with microcontrollers


Parameter Value
Working Voltage 3.3V – 5V
Output Voltage 0V – 1V (Corresponding to UV index 0-10 level)
Response Time Less than 0.5 Second
Accuracy +/- 1 UV Index
Radiation Wavelength 200-370nm
Operating Temperature -20°C to +85°C
Working Current  Typical value 0.06mA, maximum value 0.1mA
Dimension 20 x 15mm


  • Monitoring environmental conditions for plant growth influenced by sunlight
  • Solar exposure measurement
  • UV index tracking for health and safety
  • DIY UV-related electronic projects
  • Sunburn alarms, Sunlight impact analysis
  • Smart agriculture and plant growth monitoring

Package Includes:

1 x UV Detection Sensor Module Ultraviolet Ray Module For Arduino.