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DFRobot Fermion BMX160 9-axis Sensor (Breakout)

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  1. Operating Voltage: 3.3V-5.5V
  2. Low Power Consumption
  3. High Accuracy
  4. I2C Communication
  5. Small Size

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Product details

This compact BMX160 9-axis sensor from Bosch Sensortec is an ideal solution for applications that face strict constraints of board space, power consumption, and appearance like wearable fitness trackers, smart remote controls, quadcopters, and so on.

This BMX160 sensor is the smallest 9-axis sensor in the industry. It comprises an accelerometer, gyroscope, and geomagnetic sensor in a single package, and features less than 1.5mA power consumption.

Due to the compact design, BMX160 can be ideally integrated into wearables like smartwatches or glasses for augmented reality. Combined with the BSX sensor data fusion software library of Bosch Sensortec, the sensor performance can be further improved.


  1. Low Power Consumption
  2. High Accuracy
  3. I2C Communication
  4. Small Size

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Package Includes:

1 x BMX160 9-axis Sensor Module(V1.0)

1 x 2.54 Single Row 7PIN Connector

Additional information

Operating Voltage(V)


Communication Interface


Default I2C Address


Mounting Hole(mm)

inner diameter: 2mm, Outer diameter : 3.7mm

Length (mm)


Width (mm)


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