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Flat 30CM 22AWG Servo Lead Extension Cable

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Product details

It’s a Flat 30CM 22AWG Servo Lead Extension Cable. A  30CM 22AWG servo lead extension cable is a type of cable commonly used in robotics and remote control applications to extend the length of servo motor connections. It is designed to connect the servo motor and the servo controller or receiver. This cable is specifically designed for use with servo motors‚ which are commonly found in robotics and remote control systems. It extends the reach of the servo motor’s signal and power connections. 22AWG AWG stands for American Wire Gauge‚ which is a standard for measuring the diameter of electrical wire. 22AWG indicates that the cable uses 22-gauge wire‚ which is relatively thick and capable of carrying higher current loads. 


  • High-Quality cable
  • One male and one female connector.
  • Flat 30cm Servo Lead Extention (JR)
  • Quality wire and connectors used.
  • Great for larger planes with servos that experience high loads.
Gender Female
No. of Pins 3
Connector Type JR-style connectors
Wire Gauge 22AWG
Color Red, Brown, Yellow
Type Extension Cable
Material PVC
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