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4×4 Matrix 16 Keyboard Keypad Electronic

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It’s a 4×4 Matrix 16 Keyboard Keypad Electronic. A 4×4 matrix keypad‚ also known as a 16-key keypad‚ is an electronic input device commonly used for entering numeric or alphanumeric data. It consists of a grid of 16 keys arranged in a 4×4 matrix format. The matrix keypad is connected to a microcontroller or another electronic device using a matrix wiring arrangement. This allows for efficient scanning of the keypad to determine which key is being pressed. The rows and columns of the matrix are connected to the input/output pins of the microcontroller‚ and by selectively activating the rows and monitoring the columns‚ the microcontroller can detect key presses. The 4×4 matrix keypad is commonly used in various applications‚ such as security systems‚ access control panels‚ electronic locks‚ calculators‚ and other devices where user input is required. It provides a compact and efficient way to input data‚ and its versatility allows for customization based on specific application requirements


  • Easy communication with any microcontroller.
  • Tactile type switches.
  • Over 1‚000‚000 operations per key.
  • Contact rated for 12V dc @ 20mA.
  • Over 1‚000‚000 operations per key.


Colour Black
Operating Type Manual
Type 4×4 Matrix 16 Keyboard
Switching Type Keypad
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