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Microtek Mtekpower 100Ah 12V Tubular Battery

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It’s a Microtek Mtekpower 100Ah 12V Tubular Battery. A 100Ah 12V tubular battery is a type of deep-cycle battery commonly used in various applications‚ such as renewable energy systems‚ off-grid power systems‚ and backup power solutions. Tubular batteries are a type of lead-acid battery that features a tubular-positive plate design. This design enhances the battery’s overall durability‚ efficiency‚ and cycle life compared to other types of lead-acid batteries. Tubular batteries are known for their deep-cycle capabilities‚ meaning they can handle repeated deep discharges and recharge without significant loss of performance. The 100Ah 12V tubular battery is often used in situations where a reliable and long-lasting power source is required. It can be employed in solar power systems to store energy generated from solar panels‚ providing electricity during periods of low or no sunlight. It’s also used in off-grid or remote locations where access to the electrical grid is limited or nonexistent. Additionally‚ these batteries are commonly used for backup power in case of grid failures or as a source of power in mobile homes‚ boats‚ and RVs. 

Battery Type Tubular Battery
Type Battery
Capacity 100Ah
Operating Voltage 12V
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