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Hall Effect Sensor Module

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Product details

This is a Hall Effect Sensor Module. Its range can be Adjustable with the help of 100K Multiturn Potentiometer. This sensor detects a magnetic field, which is printed as an analogue voltage value. Hall switch integrated circuit based on the hall effect principle, uses semiconductor integrated technology to manufacture magnetic susceptibility of the circuit, it is composed of magnetic sensitive sensor circuit, voltage regulator, hall voltage generator, differential amplifier, Schmitt triggers, temperature compensation, and the open collector output stage circuit, its input for the magnetic induction intensity, and the output is a digital voltage signal. The potentiometer is used to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor.

Pin Configuration

DO  Digital Output Pin
VCC Power Input Pin
Ground  Ground Power Pin
A0 Analog Output Pin


  • Use the LM393 Voltage Comparator IC
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Make in India


  • Motor speed measurement
  • Object position detection
Product Hall Effect Sensor Module
Type Magnet Sensor
Operating Voltage 3.3/5V DC
No. of Pins 04
Inbuild IC  LM393
Size 35mm*15mm
Make Make in India
Country of Origin China
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