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HCPL-316J-500E IC – Optocoupler IC – SMD Package

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  1. IC Name: HCPL-316J-500E
  2. Package/Case: SMD-16
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SKU: rz24322797

Product details

The HCPL-316J is a highly integrated power control device that incorporates all the necessary components for a complete, isolated IGBT gate drive circuit with fault protection and feedback into one SO-16 package. TTL input logic levels allows direct interface with a microcontroller, and an optically isolated power output stage drives IGBTs with power ratings of up to 150A and 1200V.

Specifications and Features:

    1. Drive IGBTs up to IC=150A, VCE=1200V
    2. Optically isolated, FAULT status feedback
    3. CMOS/TTL compatible
    4. 500ns maximum switching speeds
    5. ‘Soft’ IGBT turn-off
    6. Integrated fail-safe IGBT protection
    7. User configurable: Inverting, Non-inverting, Auto-shutdown
    8. Wide operating VCC range; 15 to 30 volts-40℃ to +100℃ operating temperature range
    9. 15kV/?s minimum common mode rejection (CMR) @ VCM=1500V

Package Includes:

1 x TLP183(GB-TPL,E) – Photocoupler Optoisolator Infrared LED & Photo Transistor 1 Ch 6-SO 4 pin


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