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HD-W03 Three Row Single Color WiFi LED Display Controller Card

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It’s a HD-W03 Three Row Single Color WiFi LED Display Controller Card. The HDW03 LED Scrolling Display Wifi Controller Card is a controller card designed for use with LED scrolling displays. It supports both single and dual-color LED displays‚ allowing you to create dynamic and eye-catching scrolling messages or graphics. This allows you to connect the controller card to your local network wirelessly‚ enabling convenient control and management of the LED display content. With Wi-Fi connectivity‚ you can update the messages or graphics remotely without needing to physically connect to the controller card. 


  • The card allows you to connect to your local WiFi network‚ providing a convenient wireless control option.
  • You can use the accompanying software to create and edit messages‚ graphics‚ and animations that will be displayed on the LED scrolling display.
  • The WiFi connection allows for real-time updates‚ meaning you can change the content being displayed without physically accessing the controller card.
  • The HD W03 LED Scrolling Display WiFi Controller Card may be compatible with various LED scrolling display panels
Range 512 × 48 pixels
Temperature -40 °C to +80 °C
Dimension 8 x 6 x 4 cm
Model HD-W03
Type Wifi controller
Support Standard Support Digital Clock, Dial Clock, Lunar Time
Operating Voltage 4.2V – 5.5V DC
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