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LDR (Light Depend) Sensor Module

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Product details

This is an LDR Light Sensor Module. Light Dependent Resistor is a special type of resistor used for the detection of light. As it is a type of resistor hence it doesn’t have any polarity and can be connected in any direction. LDR provides high resistance of several Mega Ohm in the absence of light but as the light starts striking on its surface the resistance offered by the LDR gradually decreases to a few Ohm. It is widely used in smart streetlights, automatic headlight dimmers, automatic rearview mirrors, etc. The LDR module consists of a potentiometer, a comparator and an LDR. The output of the module goes high in the presence of light and goes low in the absence of light. The sensitivity of the module can be adjusted using a potentiometer. 

LDR Light Sensor Module 
Light Sensor
10K ohm
Make Make in India
Operating Temperature -30° to 70° C
Number of Pins 4
Country of Origin China
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