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Micro USB OTG Cable For Raspberry Pi Zero

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Product details

In different projects or in different situations, Pen Drive or other USB Based Peripherals are required to be connected with Raspberry Pi or in Android Phones. 

This Micro USB OTG Adapter Host Cable is a perfect fit to interface the Pendrive or other USB based peripheral devices with Raspberry Pi or with other development boards having USB OTG Host functionality or with day to day android smartphones having micro usb port with OTG functionality.

This cable acts as a physical adapter and does not have any active circuitry to make a non OTG device to support OTG functionality. Thus make sure, whatever device is used with this cable must have OTG functionality. It is a perfect fit for Raspberry PI zero as well.

It has a length of 6 inches from end to end thus having a space saving feature where it can be stored inside the development box or can be carried easily.


Specifications and Features:

    • Connector Type  :  Micro USB to USB A female
    • Cable Length : 6 inches 
    • Finish : Glossy on both connector side
    • Color  :  Black
    • Weight (gm)  :  10 (Approx)



Micro USB OTG Cable For Raspberry Pi Zero Dimensions


  • OTG cable for RPI
  • Can be used with smartphone having OTG support

Package Contains:

1x OTG cable


Example Projects:

OTG cable test with RPI

Additional Resources:

Top 5 usage of OTG cable

Note: Color might be differ from the picture.

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