MT3608 DC Step Up Boost Voltage Regulator Module with USB

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The MT3608 DC Voltage Regulator is based on the MT3608 Dc-Dc converter IC. The module can step-up and regulate a voltage from 2V to 24V based on the position of the potentiometer. The Potentiometer used here is a multi-turn potentiometer that provides easy adjustment of the output of the module to exactly the voltage application needs. The maximum output current can go as high as 2A making it suitable to power different circuits that need input from a battery but are unable due to the low battery voltage. 

It works with a fixed 1.2 MHz frequency and uses a PWM buck feature where the maximum duty cycle is automatically changed depending on the load. It has excellent low ripple and regulation features. A built-in 4A current limit feature along with the thermal shutdown is also available in this module. In-Built output short protection circuits are also useful for safety. It does not include any Input reverse polarity protection, although high current diodes in series can be useful in such cases. It is high frequency module with 2V-24V input voltage.


Pin Description

The below image is the overview of the MT3608 5A Module pin diagram.



MT3608 5A Module Specifications:

  • Input voltage range: 2V-24V DC
  • Output voltage range: 5V-28V DC adjustable.
  • Output current: 0-2A.
  • High efficiency 93%
  • The built-in thermal shutdown function
  • Built-in 4A current limit function
  • In-Built output short protection function


MT3608 2A Module Applications:

  • Hobby Projects
  • Battery Charging
  • Audio grade power supply unit
  • PSU (Buck-Converter) for applications required up to 2A of current.



MT3608 Dimension

Additional Resources:

MT3608 Datasheet

Package Contains

1x MT3608 2A DC Voltage Regulator