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MX1508 DC Motor Driver with PWM Control

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MX1508 Dual H Bridge DC PWM Stepper Motor Driver module is ideal for use in battery-powered smart cars, toy cars, robots. Supply voltage 2V ~ 10V can drive two DC motors or 4-wire 2-phase stepper motors, can achieve forward rotation or reverse rotation, it is possible to adjust the rotation speed. Each can provide a continuous current of 1.5A, peak current up to 2.5A, thermal protection and can be automatically restored.


MX1508 Motor Driver pinout:



  1. Operating Voltage: 2 ~ 10V DC
  2. Working Current: 1.5A Operating Current
  3. Peak Current: 2.5A Peak Current
  4. Standby Current: 0.1uA Current rating
  5. Built in hysteresis effect
  6. 4-wire two-phase stepper motor

MX1508 Motor Driver Applications:

  • Stepper Motor Control
  • Robotics
  • Motor Control System
  • Industrial Automation


MX1508 Motor Driver Dimension and footprint:

MX1508 Dimension

Example Projects on MX1508 Motor Driver:

MX1508 dual DC motor driver firmware

Package Contains

1x MX1508 DC Motor Driver Board

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