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Orange IR Relay Controller Kit

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  1. Main IC: CD4017
  2. Easy Assembly of the circuit.
  3. Works with Any IR remote Control
  4. Can handle AC application up to 7A
  5. Operating Voltage: 5V @ 200mA
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Product details

This IR Remote operated one channel Relay Control Circuit is made up of a simple CD4017 Counter IC with no microcontroller and no coding. This Relay switch module  Circuit can operate with any IR remote control as it accepts all IR frequency signals to toggle the switch. With this circuit, you can control the 240VAC up to 7A current and DC Bulb and all kinds of electrical devices with a range of up to 10 meters.

This is a great beginner small project to build for school students to learn to build relay switch circuits.

How it Works: An IR receiver is connected to the remote control circuit which receives the signal from the IR remote and sends it as a High and low signal to pin 14 of the CD4017 IC. The output of the CD4017 IC corresponding to this signal goes through the transistor and turns the relay ON / OFF.

A decade counter counts to 10. You can remember it by thinking of a decade in years, which is ten years. It’s very common that a counter will give you the output in binary form. But the output from the decade counter in the CD4017 is decoded, meaning that it will set one of the output pins (Q0 to Q9) high corresponding
to the counter value. Ex: If Q3 is high, the counter value is 3.
The easiest way to create a decade counter is by connecting 10 D flip-flops in series to create a shift register. Then you connect the output of the last flip-flop back into the input of the first. And you connect the reset signal so that it sets the first flip-flop to one and the rest to zero on reset.

Note: This Circuit is unassembled. you have to assemble it by yourself


  1. Easy Assembly of the circuit.
  2. Works with Any IR remote Control
  3. Can handle AC application up to 7A
  4. Operating Voltage: 5V @ 200mA

Package Includes:

1 x Orange IR Relay Controller Kit (Unassembled)

Additional information

Operating Voltage (VDC)


Maximum Operating Current (A)


Relay Rating

240VAC, 7A 225VAC, 10A

Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)


Weight (gm)


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