RCWL-0516 Micro Wave RADAR Sensor

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Like the traditional PIR sensor, RCWL-0516 is a widely popular sensor that also detects movements and is used in Alarms or for security purposes. This sensor uses a “microwave Doppler radar” technique to detect moving objects within its range. It has a sensitivity range of ~7 meters and that is very useful for multiple applications. 

When triggered, its TTL-level output pin changes state from LOW which is 0V to HIGH which is 3.3 V. The changed HIGH state remains HIGH for 2 to 3s which is a proper time to trigger something. As this sensor module provides output for 3.3V, it can easily be interfaced in with many microcontrollers and even can be used without a microcontroller. It has a power supply input range from 4 to 28 V.

RCWL-0516 pinout:


Specification: –

  • Operating Voltage (VDC): 4 ~ 28V
  • Max. Operating Current (mA): 3
  • Detecting Range:  5-9m
  • Transmitting Power  : 20mW (typical); 30mW (max)
  • Output Voltage(V)     :  3.2 ~ 3.4
  • Output Voltage Driving Capacity :  100mA
  • Trigger Way   :  Repeat Trigger
  • Output Control Low Level   : 0V
  • Output Control High Level   : 3.3V
  • Operating Temperature (°C)            : -20 to 80
  • Adjustable Block time and distance
  • Penetrating detection capability, compared with the traditional infrared feeling PIR.

RCWL-0516 Dimension and footprint:



  1. Security
  2. Motion and Movement Detection
  3. Alarm System
  4. Indoor Tracking System


Example Projects on RCWL-0516:

RCWL-0516 Information, schematic, usage 

Additional Resources:

RCWL-0516 Datasheet

Package Contains

1x RCWL-0516 Sensor